Never again will you have to choose between being well-dressed or being well-grounded.

Business formalwear for the fashionable techno-maven: Prototype anti-static necktie.

Dress for success? or dress for working with electronic components? Now you can do both. This revolutionary anti-static necktie lets you safely handle sensitive circuitry with the confidence that comes from knowing you aren't just projecting an image-- you've also got the tools to repair the projector.


A small wire runs the length of a standard necktie, terminating in a socket (or series of sockets for ease of adjustment) near the middle. An electrode attaches to the socket by means of a plug and wire arrangement, it feeds through the front of the shirt and is attached to bare skin with adhesive. At the large end of the tie hangs an alligator clip for grounding.

Design Prototype:

anti-static tie
detail 1: electrode
detail 2: grounding clip

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